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Basic Mediation Client Package

mediation process

Thank you for your inquiry for more information.

Please start with the Opening letter document. 

I do recommend mediation.  However, you might also want to check out the option  of  for collaborative family law info….  As noted, I am also a trained and certified collaborative family lawyer.

An excellent resource is  where a sitting Ontario family law judge gives interviews with family law professionals.  I especially recommend the section discussing family law mediation.

I would ask you to review this information. 

Should this method appeal to you, I would like to speak briefly with each of you separately to ensure that mediation would be a healthy option for both of you.  This process, called the “screening process”, is mandated by Family Mediation Canada.  Call me to arrange for an appointment.

If you cannot open the attachments, please go to for a free download of this virus free program.

Finally, these note that if you do not respond to this invitation, I am not retained by you in any capacity, be it lawyer or mediator.  As throughout this process, you are advised to timely seek independent legal advice for your rights and responsibilities.



Download this file (CFM-Certificate.pdf)CFM-Certificate.pdf[CFM Certificate]19 kB
Download this file (Collaborative-Family-Law-Certificate.pdf)Collaborative-Family-Law-Certificate.pdf[Collaborative Family Law Certificate]148 kB
Download this file (Family-Mediation-Consumers-Guide.pdf)Family-Mediation-Consumers-Guide.pdf[Family Mediation: Consumer's Guide]7123 kB
Download this file (MEDIATION AGREEMENT.pdf)MEDIATION AGREEMENT.pdf[Mediation Submission]70 kB
Download this file (Opening letter 01e.pdf)Opening letter 01e.pdf[Opening Letter]404 kB
Download this file (Outline of the General Procedure in Mediation1a.pdf)Outline of the General Procedure in Mediation1a.pdf[Outline of General Mediation Procedure]39 kB
Download this file (RESUME.16 mediator.pdf)RESUME.16 mediator.pdf[Resume]60 kB

Document List

legal-docs-01Here is a depository of additional documents available to my clients. Please download those which are appropriate to your case.

Please note. If a document is not visible, it may be restricted. Please login to your account and then visit this page to see documents accessible to clients.


Personal Data Sheet

Mediation-Meeting-427x272This form is for background information only. You are not expected to be able to complete the form in its entirety. Please fill out all sections that you are able. We will discuss the entire form at the meeting which you will schedule with our office.


Download this file (APPENDIX C CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE  - mediation.doc)APPENDIX C CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT QUESTIONNAIRE - mediation.doc[Confidential information form for family]57 kB
Download this file (PERSDATA word blank02.pdf)PERSDATA word blank02.pdf[Confidential information form for wills]72 kB

Regarding Wills and Powers of Attorney

couple sunsetThis letter is a guideline preparing you to instruct me on your Will and Powers of Attorney. In doing this, I draw on my clients's suggestions. Clients have told me that they have appreciated an opportunity to take time to consider the beneficiaries and the managers of their estate, and the caregivers for the people who are important in their lives. When foreseeing any possible complications, this time of reflection was important to make good decisions. They have told me that they do not wish to be rushed through an important decision because they realize that today's decision could help or hinder those whom they leave behind tomorrow. I agree with this conclusion and wish to give you this opportunity.
To this end, I enclose a copy of a check list for your preparation. Don't worry if you do not understand a question. Read it carefully and fill it out as best as you can. This information will give me the opportunity to evaluate your circumstances, and allow me to help you draw up a Will that most closely suits your needs. This list can be emailed or faxed to me, or if you wish, you can simply hand it to me at our next meeting.

Download this file (!intro Ottawa will and powers of attorney1a.pdf)Intro Will and Powers of Attorney[ ]281 kB

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An Open Letter to lawyers and other legal professionals about mediation

couple-arguing-article"There has to be a better way to do family law " or "Why would a busy family law lawyer want to be a mediator anyway?"

We have all been witness to the ugly tragedy of family law litigation. As much as we can pretend otherwise, family court is the site of brutal accusations dressed up in imperial robes exposing evident failure to act in the children's or anyone else's best interests.

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